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How you can earn hundreds of dollars renting your yard to dogs

Sniffspot has been called the "Airbnb for dogs"
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Posted at 5:00 AM, Jul 22, 2022

Many people are looking to earn a little extra money these days, without having to leave home. So what would you think of letting your yard go to the dogs?

Yes, you can now make cash renting out your backyard to man's best friend.

Jenni Dehart is a dog lover who is turning her love of furry friends into regular income. She rents out her fenced-in backyard for as much as $50 on a good day to families who want a safe place to let their dogs play off-leash.

"Being fenced in is a big plus," she said. "So people make their reservation on the app, I get a notification, and just make sure everything is set up for them when they come at their reserved time."

She's a member of the service called Sniffspot, which is sometimes called the "Airbnb for dogs."

It's an app founded by David Adams after he and his wife struggled to find safe spaces where their dogs could run freely.

"Dogs today in the modern world are living on a leash or in an apartment, it's not natural for dogs," he said.

Adams found that many people would love a place for their dogs to run freely, but they don't like dog parks because of the risk of problems with larger dogs.

Interested? Here's how Sniffspotworks:

  • Hosts rent their yards to dog owners by the hour.
  • Only the dog owner and their dog can enter during the time booked.
  • Other dogs will not be present unless the renter is OK with that.
  • Hosts set their own price, but most are between $5 and $15 per hour.

Many people looking for extra income

Sniffspot is just one example of how to make extra cash outside the regular nine-to-five without having to drive people around or deliver food.

What if you are not a dog person? Similar apps like Neighborlet you rent out your driveway or garage to someone who needs space.

Ted Rossman of, says about a third of Americans now have side gigs for extra cash.

"Nowadays the more attractive side hustles have become things that you can do from home," he said, instead of burning expensive gas in your car.

Often, those jobs are needed to pay for gas and groceries.

"It really has become more of an everyday expenses story," Rossman said.

David Adams says a host on Sniffspot can make hundreds of dollars per month, even more than $1,000 in some cases.

Kennedy Leonard, who has just a small yard where she lives, loves the opportunity this gives her little dog "Tinny."

"We love it, it's so big and there is so much freedom," she said." We can just be free when we are here!"

Oh, and if you were wondering, dog owners are responsible for picking up their pet's droppings. With Sniffspot, you can earn cash helping dog lovers, and you don't waste your money.


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