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Streaming TV getting more expensive....again

As Apple rolls out streaming service, is cord cutting still worth it?
Posted at 9:16 AM, Mar 27, 2019

Could the switch to streaming TV be finally slowing down?

Millions of cable customers have been cutting the cord the past 5 years. But with many streaming services raising prices in 2019, going cable-free may not mean lower monthly fees.

With the average cable bill now more than $120 a month (and bills including home phone and internet approaching $200), many are curious about Apple's upcoming TV service, just announced this week.

It is expected to provide 25 streaming channels for between $25 to $40 a month (though Apple was curiously silent on pricing during its rollout this week).

HBO is also unveiling a streaming service for $15 a month.

Add in Sling TV, Sony's Playstation VUE, and Hulu Plus and Netflix, and there are plenty of options.

Costs add up fast

But A new report in Vanity Fair says consumers need to know the downsides before giving up their cable box — specifically, how much all these services can cost.

  • Apple streaming TV is expected to be be $25- $40 a month, analysts predict.
  • Add HBO for $15, and Netflix for $10 - $12 a month, both considered necessities by many.
  • For a full live channel lineup, DirecTV Now streaming is $35 a month.
  • The closest thing to a full cable experience, you will want Hulu, which in January 2019 raised its rate from $40 to $45 a month (though its basic on-demand service was reduced to $6 a month).
  • And don’t forget your high speed internet, at $40 - $60 a month.

When combining one cable replacement service, HBO, Netflix and high speed internet, consumers can quickly find themselves paying $105 a month.

Vanity Fair says the cost of streaming could soon equal a typical cable bill, without the convenience of having just one remote.

Consumers that can get by with local stations and Netflix, can save a lot by cutting cable. But when it comes to adding movies, sports, and more channels, streaming might become a case of "don't waste your money."


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