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We're Open Omaha: Business offers signs to help businesses adjusting to Coronavirus

Posted at 10:04 AM, Mar 25, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. — We often overlook business signs, but now, they're so prevalent, as that's how businesses are notifying us of adjusted hours, curbside information or closures.

For Sign It, a local custom sign-making company, it's business as usual with extra cleaning precautions.

"It's multiple times a day, and wiping down surfaces, and everybody here knows that if you have a minute, just wipe down anything you can," said owner Matt Roarty.

He says he is fortunate to keep his nine employees working, and while he has them working longer than usual hours, they're doing so for a good cause.

"I kept driving up and down the street and seeing these hand posted signs on a piece of paper, and I couldn't read them from the street," Roarty said. "It was either you drive up to the window and see if they're open, or what's going on, if they offer curbside or whatever. So we thought of something here to make it easier for people that are driving by to say, 'Hey, yes we are open, this is what we are offering.'"

That motivated Sign It to offer one free 'open for business' sign to all local businesses. Since the end of last week, the business has handed over 60 signs to restaurants, liquor stores and bars.

"Just kind of put all these rush orders with this going on to the top of the list to where people are in a hurry, and we understand that we want to get them out of here as soon as we can," said Roarty. "We've been out, myself, Ashley and my brother, Scott, out delivering these just around to the communities, to any restaurant that needs a display that they are open."

Even though these signs are temporary, with removable tape on the back to easily peel off, the kindness displayed by the gift of these signs will never run out of business.

Sign It is still open for business, offering delivery for these signs.

8318 F St. Omaha, NE 68127


You can find their business information in the "We are Open, Omaha" section.