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Mother goes into labor following tailgate at Colts-Browns game

Browns' wide receiver and Indianapolis native David Bell celebrated both a game win, and the birth of a new cousin.
Mother goes into labor following tailgate at Colts-Browns game
Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 24, 2023

A baby girl was born inside Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday during the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns game.    

Browns' wide receiver and Indianapolis native David Bell celebrated not only a 39-38 win against the Colts, but the birth of his new cousin. 

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"I was shocked really. The plan for her was to try to have the baby prior to the game like a few days before or a few days after the game, but you know, it was all just God's timing. Fortunately, she was able to have the baby and the baby ended up coming out healthy and nothing went wrong during her pregnancy at all," said Bell.

According to Bell, his cousin was walking over to the stadium when she started to go into labor — but she immediately received help from first aid officials. 

As far as mama goes, Bell said she's doing just fine.

"She's doing real good. I talked to her immediately after the game. She's in good spirits. She's mad that she missed the game, but she's more excited that she has had, you know, a healthy, beautiful baby girl come out," said Bell. 

The Indy native and Warren Central High School star is no stranger to the stadium and feels a connection already with the newest member of the family.

"It feels cool, though being back there. I actually played there my last football game in high school, so I kind of got a lot of ties to it. So, for my cousin to be born there it kind of makes us you know, united," said Bell. 

Medical staff said they'll forever remember delivering the baby there and wishes her well. 

"It's a miracle that's for sure. I think overall what a great story she's going to have. She made history you know that's not an everyday story just being able to have that. Every kid wants to have a really cool story so I think this will be hers," said Vlaskamp. 

"That's something that's not very likely to happen at an NFL game, so I guess my cousin she's kind of famous right now," said Bell. 

Bell thanked the people who made sure the baby and his cousin were in good hands and for their quick response. 

"I just want to say thanks to the Indianapolis Colts for having everything situated because nobody knew that that will happen on Sunday. It's nothing but hats off to them and I really do appreciate it," said Bell. 

Medical staff said they were shocked but prepared because these surprising moments are what they train for. 

"This certainly  took us all a little by surprise but [it's definitely] something we train for," said EMT Ashley Vlaskamp. "We work together. We couldn't be happier for the outcome. I couldn't be happier for my team. They do an excellent job and I'm really grateful for what they did."

The Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board congratulated the new baby and praised the work of IU Health. 

Bell said he spoke with cousin and mother of the new born after the game and she's in good spirits. 

"She's mad that she missed the game," Bell said. "But she's more excited that she had a healthy, beautiful baby girl."

This story was originally published by Rachel Wilkerson and Jacqueline White at Scripps News Indianapolis

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