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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell owes lawyers millions after defamation suits

Lawyers for the CEO reportedly say he will have to be dropped as a client if he cannot pay money they're owed for defending him in the Dominion case.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell owes lawyers millions after defamation suits
Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 05, 2023

Attorneys who defended MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in a defamation case say he owes them millions of dollars and have threatened to cut ties with their client if he doesn't pay them. 

Lawyers from the law firms Parker Daniels Kibort LLC and Lewin & Lewin LLP said in court documents that Lindell still owes them large sums of money and said if they continue to defend him "through the conclusion of this billion-dollar litigation" they would be put "in serious financial risk" and it could "threaten the very existence of the firm." 

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Lindell, who has been a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump and has been a staunch defender of the former president on the public stage has faced multiple high-profile legal fights. 

In 2021, the voting machine company Dominion filed a lawsuit against the MyPillow CEO claiming he defamed the company amid the fight to have votes recounted just after the last U.S. presidential election. 

The company sued Lindell seeking $1.3 billion in damages. 

A Dominion employee named Eric Coomer filed a separate lawsuit against Lindell for defamation in 2022. 

Parker Daniels Kibort LLC said in court documents, "future fees and costs will amount to millions of dollars in addition to the millions of dollars already owed."

Parker Daniels Kibort LLC has also defended Lindell in a lawsuit filed by the voting machine company Smartmatic. All three entities that filed lawsuits against Lindell say their reputations were damaged by him. 

NBC reported that Lindell said on Thursday that his lawyers were "brave and courageous" and said he would pay them, but he is broke. 

NBC reported that Lindell said "We've lost everything, every dime." He said, "All of it is gone."

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