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Pottawattamie County issues FEMA assessment updates

Posted: 10:38 PM, Apr 02, 2019
Updated: 2019-04-02 23:42:19-04

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (KMTV) — Assessments were done Tuesday on a sample of damages to residential properties in Pottawattamie County resulting from recent flooding.

The Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment Team completed assessments of affected properties throughout the county. Next, state and federal officials will examine the data and FEMA will determine whether the county's residents will be added to the existing Individual Assistance Program authorized by President Trump's Major Disaster Declaration related to the floods that devastated the region.

“We had approximately 260 properties we know had some level of damage based on our local preliminary damage assessments and reports provided by residents," Doug Reed, Emergency Management Director from Pottawattamie County said in a press release. "We were able to work with our partners from Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management and FEMA today validating that data by examining approximately 25-30 percent of our known damages.”

Officials are in agreement based on the event and historical trends that there are likely many more properties in the area impacted that have not been reported.

Some properties aren't yet accessible because of remaining floodwaters or dangerous road conditions, a press release from Pott. Co. Emergency Management says.

“It’s important for everyone, even if minimally impacted, to always report their damages when requested by emergency management. Providing the entire scope of impact helps us paint the picture for officials in determining our inclusion into assistance programs. Individuals may not be in a position where they need assistance but your information is critical in getting that help to those that do," said Reed.

Local officials hope for confirmation over the next couple of days.

(Photos courtesy of Pott. Co. Emergency Management & Homeland Security.)