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Kentucky AG granted extension for releasing Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings until Friday

Posted at 10:30 AM, Sep 30, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky -- A Kentucky judge delayed until Friday the release of secret grand jury proceedings in Breonna Taylor’s killing by police. That's according to the state Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office.

Kentucky's Attorney General Daniel Cameron sought a delay of a week to enable names and personal information to be redacted from the recordings. Information to be redacted included phone numbers and addresses.

The motion was filed Wednesday morning, the same day a Louisville court was expected to release the audio recordings.

Cameron’s spokeswoman said Wednesday that a judge granted a shorter delay, giving the attorney general until noon Friday.

The filing said the delay is necessary “in the interest of protection of witnesses, and in particular private citizens named in the recordings.”

Cameron acknowledged this week that his recommendation to the grand jury was that only one of the officers be indicted, and only for the wanton endangerment of Taylor’s neighbors.

Cameron has been criticized since announcing the grand jury’s indictment for not seeking charges against the officers for killing Taylor. Cameron said the other two officers who fired their guns were justified because Taylor’s boyfriend had fired at them first.

Protesters took to the streets in Louisville and around the country to demand more accountabilityin the case, as frustrations spilled over after months of waiting for Cameron’s announcement. Activists and Taylor’s family called for the grand jury file to be released.

Cameron said the record will show that his team “presented a thorough and complete case to the grand jury.”

Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical worker, was shot five times in her Louisville apartment on March 13 by officers carrying a narcotics warrant. Taylor and her boyfriend were watching a movie in her bedroom when police came to her door and eventually knocked it down. The warrant was related to an investigation of a drug suspect who didn’t live with her, and police found no drugs at her apartment.

Former officer Brett Hankison, who was fired from the force for his actions during the raid, pleaded not guilty to three counts of wanton endangerment on Monday.

Officers Jonathan Mattingly, who was shot in the leg by Taylor’s boyfriend, and Myles Cosgrove, who Cameron said appeared to have fired the fatal shot at Taylor, according to ballistics tests, remain on the force.