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Target plans to increase its Black workforce by 20% in next three years

Target plans to increase its Black workforce by 20% in next three years
Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 10, 2020

Target announced on Thursday that it is targeting diversity.

In a press release, the retailer says they plan to increase its Black workforce by 20% in the next three years by "sharpening its focus on advancement, retention, and hiring."

“The changes we’re making are going to have a meaningful impact on the careers of our Black team members and prospective team members,” said Kiera Fernandez, Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer in the press release. “A diverse and inclusive team at Target is one where there’s equity in how we promote, retain, and hire team members. Additional leadership development, training programs, and mentorship for our Black team members, along with a focus in areas of the business where our Black representation is not as strong, will offer new career development opportunities for our team for years to come. And we know the support we have for our team helps extend our reach outside our walls, creating a ripple effect that impacts our guests and communities.”

The company says it plans to develop programs to hire and retain Black team members, increase its network of mentors and sponsors, and conduct anti-racist training for leaders and team members that'll "educate, build inclusion acumen, and foster a sense of belonging."

The Minnesota-based company also released its latest diversity report.

The Data collected in 2019 showed that 15% of workers were Black, 12% of managers were Black, 5% of Target officers were Black, and 8% of its leadership team was Black.

Data also showed that its board of directors was 15% black.