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Cheap Eats: Little Ve's

Posted at 7:24 AM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 08:24:16-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — We all know healthy eating can look different for us all. Sometimes, you treat yourself. Other times, it means going for that plant-based meal. And although it's easier to go for the cheeseburger or hot wings, more and more studies show the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. 

Luckily, Little Ve’s in Blackstone is changing the vegan narrative, giving plant-based eats a whole new look.

"I make sure that I make my food not bland,” said Rene Guzman, owner of Little Ve’s. “It's tasteful, flavorful, all that, that's my end goal."

Guzman said his goal was to spice up the local vegan scene, with the goal of making vegetables as tasty as possible.

"I've been putting a lot of hours in and dedication to make things that you don't even think you could make meat out of,” Guzman said. “So, it's really fun."

Guzman said he chose to be vegan for his love for animals but switching to a plant-based diet also did wonders for his overall health and wellbeing. 

“Before [becoming vegan] I was always lazy, groggy,” Guzman said. “After I turned vegan, I became more motivated, I got energy, I just became a different person."

So next time you’re looking for a healthier alternative, remember that it doesn’t always have to be tasteless and boring. 

"Some people might not think it's healthy, and I tell people what I strive for is real food,” Guzman said. “The real tortas, the real tacos. That's what I try to strive for, and that's not necessarily healthy, but mine tastes as close to it, and it actually is healthy."

Guzman said he plans to introduce a new meat alternative made of plantain skin to his menu soon. To check out more of his recipes and menu specials, visit Little Ve’s on Instagram.

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