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Hundreds gather in Lincoln for veteran's funeral

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 19:33:12-04

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) — Hundreds poured into the Roper and Sons Chapel in Lincoln today as they honored a man who served our country in more ways than one.

Dale Wayne Quick died--without any surviving family members to bury him.

Monday, people in the community came together to honor him and pay their respects.

Barb Dethlefs says 91-year-old Quick was funny and cheerful.

“He could be a little ornery at times,” said Dethlefs. “I would always get him a cup of coffee--we'd sit there--but he'd always would say, 'coffee, cream, no sugar,' just like he was in the service... every single time.”

The Army Korean War veteran died earlier this month.

Quick has no known surviving family members, according to Roper and Sons Funeral Home--so they asked the community to pay their respects.

Hundreds showed up.

“We honor all veteran funerals. We perform a flag line and we enjoy just showing our respect to the serviceman,” said Jerry Hitchison.

Quick joined the army when he was 20 and endured 850 days of combat--just 3 years after joining.

“The only thing he ever told me about his service was--he didn't like me to touch his feet because he had frostbite from being in the foxhole,” said Dethlefs. “That's all he ever said. He never would mention anything else about the war.”

Many people, including Governor Pete Ricketts, said it's important to honor veterans in life and death.

“These men and women who put on the uniform, you know, really agree to put themselves between dangers and our freedoms,” said Governor Ricketts. “And they're risking their lives in many cases and certainly Dale did that in the Korean War... and so we want to honor them for that sacrifice they're making."

But for people who knew him, it was a tough day.

“I'll miss him--I'll remember him,” said Dethlefs. “He's a good one."