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Meet David Bow Wowie

Posted at 4:43 AM, Oct 29, 2019

David Bow Wowie has been at the Nebraska Humane Society since August 7. Animal Program Coordinator Sarah Trant says spending this much time at a shelter can make animals like David more anxious.

"They show more rowdy behaviors. They start jumping up on people...mouthing. So just play biting and grabbing your arms and legs with their mouth," said Trant.

Sadly, it often gets worse the longer an animal waits for a forever family.

"It is a little heartbreaking when you see one of your long-term dogs you've been working with for several months start to go on that decline," said Trant.

But Trant says this behavior is temporary.

"Once they're in a home, they get comfortable in the new home, they start to realize it is home and they're going to stay there. You usually see them become a lot more relaxed and just turning into really great dogs," said Trant.

David is a work in progress. He's not perfect but if you get to know him, he could be perfect for you.

Ideal home for David: Trant says David would do best living in a house with a yard. David is friendly but would do better with middle school-aged kids and older. The Nebraska Humane Society does not recommend another male dog in the home but says David gets along really well with female dogs.
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