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Miracle for woman in Bellevue after movers bailed

Posted at 8:23 PM, Oct 01, 2019

LA VISTA, Neb. (KMTV) — Over the weekend, we told you about a disabled woman in Bellevue who relies on section 8 housing but was told to move out after the building's owner changed.

Makayla Latham had limited time to move, and the movers she hired bailed. Monday, she prayed for a miracle--and it seems one has happened.

After being given a sudden 30-day notice to move out of her apartment, Latham struggled to find movers and pay for moving expenses. The burden of relocating with a broken shoulder and a disability took a toll on her.

"It was just total devastation," said Latham. "I didn't plan on moving. I planned on dying in that apartment, and then to be forced to move because you're low income and then you work very hard to try to find people to move you and then the day of it, doesn't happen."

Her movers bailed on her Sunday--which was her deadline.

In the meantime, she lived with her aunt. They were both praying for a miracle, somebody to help them out--and that's when Raymond Crawford gave her a call.

Crawford offered to help her move out for free after reading our story on

"Owning a business and being in the same situation as she's been in before as a kid... I grew up in section 8 housing and stuff like this, and it's just unfortunate," said Crawford. "And we're able to give back to them and be able to help them out, you know, do something for them in a time of need."

Crawford and his employees came first thing Tuesday morning to move her from Bellevue to La Vista, saying it was a rainy day at work... so why not help someone.

Latham and her aunt say Crawford was an angel sent to them.

"There is a God and these people were really needed," said Wilma Baird, Latham's aunt.

As for Latham, she's excited to start fresh with her service dogs.

"I see a great big pot of gold, its not a dark tunnel anymore," said Latham.