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Update on Nebraska power crews helping with Hurricane Dorian

Posted at 4:48 PM, Sep 03, 2019

ORLANDO, Fl. (KMTV) — Plans have changed for two Nebraska-based power crews helping with Hurricane Dorian as the storm alters its course.

OPPD crews were released by Orlando Utilities Commission Tuesday morning. They now head to New Smyrna Beach, FL as part of mutual aid efforts.

The hurricane's new track pushes the storm east, but the New Smyrna Beach area is still anticipating tropical storm conditions, according to OPPD.

According to an OPPD spokesperson, their team of 15 will stay near the area and wait for the storm to pass Tuesday night, then will help with power restoration as needed.

More on OPPD's journey can be found here.

The 18-man crew from NPPD that traveled to Florida to help with restoration efforts was also demobilized Tuesday morning.

NPPD crews arrived Sunday in Orlando after three days on the road, awaiting the storm that was originally projected to hit the coast of Florida and make landfall Monday.

The crew left Orlando Tuesday morning and is expected to be in Macon, GA Tuesday evening. NPPD has alerted other utilities of their availability if needed.

The entire crew is expected to be back in Nebraska late Thursday if not called upon, NPPD says.