14-year-old makes masks and toilet paper free at all Mega Saver stores

Posted at 9:43 AM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 16:21:44-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Items like toilet paper, masks and gloves are still hard to come by, but thanks to the generosity of a 14-year-old girl, thousands of masks, gloves and toilet paper are available to the community by just stopping by a Mega Saver gas station.

14-year-old Renee Samieva shared her concern with her dad of people not being able to get their hands on critical supplies to help protect them from the virus.

"People are like wait, 'They're actually free?" Samieva said. "They are a little confused at first, and then they are thankful."

"I was pretty shocked," David Bauman, a Mega Saver customer said. "I saw them, but I didn't know what it is for. You can't find these things anywhere, so I appreciate it."

The masks, gloves and toilet paper are now being given out for free, to customers at all Mega Saver locations.

"It was a brilliant idea. Coming up with an idea like that to help the community coming from the younger generation is something that makes you happy," said Mega Saver COO, Lola Khalikova. "As soon as she came up with the idea, we put the resources behind it to order as many masks as we could get a hold of."

The company has been able to order more than a 100,000 of the items.

"We are also doing donations to first responders; if they need a donation, they should reach out to us," said Khalikova. "We are also giving them to medical facilities, and shelters will be getting donations as well."

You can also find on their shelves hand sanitizer and N95 masks.

"It feels good inside to give people something they may not be able to get anywhere else," Samieva said.

There are 23 Mega Savers in Omaha and one in Council Bluffs with most of the locations being drive ups if you don't want to get out of your car.

Mega Saver gets several shipments a week and will do this as long as they can get supplies.

Store # Location Address Phone
1 Dodge 4108 Dodge St Omaha NE 68131 551-0302
2 Grover 3402 S 42nd St Omaha NE 68105 556-0202
3 Blondo 7204 Blondo St Omaha NE 68134 255-0034
4 Maple 8928 Maple St Omaha NE 68134 399-9999
5 Q Street 10780 Q St Omaha NE 68127 934-0798
6 Military 7205 Lawndale Dr Omaha NE 68134 572-0877
7 California 4429 California St Omaha NE 68131 556-6070
8 Harrison 7210 Harrison St Ralston NE 68128 331-5897
9 L Street 2014 L St Omaha NE 68107 932-5377
14 Center 5444 Center St Omaha NE 68106 932-8333
15 36th Bellevue 11511 S 36th St Bellevue NE 68123 933-5755
17 77th & L 4725 S 77th Ave Ralston NE 68127 933-4353
18 24th & J 4420 S 24th St Omaha NE 68107 932-7868
19 60th 6000 Grover St. Omaha NE 68106 554-1930
21 108th & Maple 3223 N 108th St Omaha NE 68134 932-6342
22 24 & P 5101 S 24th St. Omaha NE 68107 934-8020
23 NW Radial 1357 NW Radial Hwy Omaha NE 68132 916-5051
24 Broadway 3540 W Broadway Council Bluffs IA 51501 712-256-2126
25 144th & Blondo 1910 N 144th Street Omaha NE 68154 933-7685
26 85th & Blondo 8540 Blondo Street Omaha NE 68134 884-2123
27 107th & Blondo 10707 Blondo Street Omaha NE 68116 963-0010
28 120th & Pacific 12005 Pacific Street, Omaha NE 68154 531-375-5808
29 Abbott Drive 2505 Abbott Dr. Omaha NE 68110 402-345-4000
30 Audrey Street 16808 Audrey St. Omaha NE 68136 402-934-8869