Directed Health Measures go into effect for 4 more NE counties

Posted at 1:24 PM, Mar 29, 2020

BURT COUNTY, Neb. (KMTV) — Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts announced the state's fourth COVID-19 related measures put in place to limit public gatherings and restrict bar/restaurant services on Sunday.

The new Directed Health Measures apply to Burt, Cuming, Madison and Stanton counties, which will remain in effect until May 6 unless renewed.

Measures were put into place after Madison County reported a new case of COVID-19 Saturday, which has been identified as community-spread.

The case involves a man in his 70's who resides at a long-term facility in Norfolk. He is self-isolating.

There are now 109 cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska.

See more info on the Directed Health Measures from the governor's office below.

The full order can be found here.

Who does the Directed Health Measure apply to?

It applies to places such as theaters, churches, houses of worship, gyms, social clubs, salons, and social gatherings, including weddings, funerals, concerts, and athletic events. This is not an exhaustive list, but illustrates the types of locations the DHM applies to.

Do I need to shut down my bar or restaurant?

At bars and restaurants, it applies to patrons, not to your workforce. Restaurants and bars are encouraged to ask their patrons if they can prepare their order for takeout upon arrival. Restaurants will play a key part in feeding people throughout the pandemic.

Do I need to shut down my daycare?

No. DHHS has issued new guidance that daycares need to follow. You can find it by clicking here [].

Do I need to shut down my office?

No. The Directed Health Measure does not apply to places such as office buildings, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities, court houses, court rooms, banks, car dealerships, auto repair shops, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, small shops, golf courses, big box stores, gas stations, convenience stores, shopping malls, manufacturing facilities, packing facilities, construction jobs, and other traditional office settings. This is not an exhaustive list, but illustrates the types of locations the DHM does not apply to.

Furthermore, we do not expect these facilities to be impacted by additional limits at this time.

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