Omaha drive-thru testing clinic doesn't secure permit

Posted at 1:15 PM, Mar 20, 2020


Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's office shared this letter, denying a temporary use permit for the drive-thru clinic.

Pivot Concierge Health and Banyan Medical Systems released the following statement in response in response to the mayor's action:

Due to the tremendous response in anticipation of the Pivot Concierge Health and Banyan Medical Systems Drive-thru Clinic, to be located in front of the Canfield Plaza that was scheduled to open on March 23, 2020, Pivot and Banyan have worked closely with the City of Omaha and Mayor Jean Stothert’s office to address and prepare for any logistical challenges, primarily traffic-related, that may be created due to the anticipated participation of the Drive-Thru Clinic services.

At this time, preparations are still ongoing and as such, the Pivot-Banyan Drive-Thru Clinic’s opening date is being temporarily postponed. The City of Omaha and Mayor Jean Stothert have been extremely diligent, responsive and helpful in addressing potential logistical issues and because of that, we anticipate the postponement to be short. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

The primary clinic, Pivot Concierge Health is located at 2801 South 88th St., Omaha, Nebraska 68124. For individuals with questions, or to schedule a virtual consult or in-person appointment, please call Pivot at 402-885-8125. For more information, visit (For emergency situations, please call 911.)

Previous Story:

People have been anxiously waiting for access to COVID-19 test kits, and starting next week, many with symptoms in Nebraska can possibly get some answers at the state's first drive-thru clinic.

Drive-thru clinics for COVID-19 testing have popped up across the country, and now one site is here in Nebraska. People with symptoms will potentially be able to get a test, however they'll have to go through a few screenings to do so.

The clinic will open on Monday, March 23, and will be located at the Canfield Plaza parking lot on West Center Rd. It will be staffed by medical professionals both in person and virtually to reduce exposure.

According to Cary Reimers, a RN with Banyan Medical Systems, those with symptoms will be asked a few questions, and from there, health experts will determine if they qualify for the test or if they will test you for other sickness like influenza.

"The first tier is, we are going to ask you a few questions," Reimers said. We are going to find out where your exposure could have been and if you traveled. Those kind of things."

Banyan Medical, along with Pivot Concierge Health, is facilitating the drive-thru clinic.

The COVID-19 test will be free, and as for the other flu-related tests, major insurance companies including medicaid and medicare can be used to help pay.

The staff asked that people just be patient with them, as they navigate this process.