Families get creative to celebrate life of deceased loved ones

Posted at 6:51 PM, Mar 19, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — With concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, funerals are no exception to the strict rule of no more than 10 people in one place.

This has families around the country, and especially in Omaha, how they're supposed to proceed.

"Where's the guidebook on how you're supposed to do this?" says Jason Regan, son of Tim, who recently passed.

Mike Wees was a legend in south Omaha and coached little league for a long time, in fact he helped build baseball fields on 64th and Grover.

He passed away Sunday. In normal times, his funeral would have attracted a big crowd.

His family now plans on having a big party at these fields later this year.

"I'll have this time now to throw him the biggest party ever here at Grover Little League," says Mike’s daughter, Wendy Wees.

For the time being, his daughter Wendy and one of his sons already scattered some of his ashes on the Grover little league fields where he spent many of his summers.

"He and I had a really great moment and found some peace in that," says Wees.

The family of Tim Regan is approaching things a bit differently. He has four kids, a wife, and seven siblings, and countless friends, so a 10 person funeral would have been impossible.

So they're also going to celebrate later, but will have his funeral tonight, with parts of the family coming in one at a time.

"Almost have to treat it like we're a bouncer at the club or something. 'Room for two, two in, two out. Yeah, it's definitely not what we wanted," says Jason Regan.

Tim's son Jason says while he is still grieving, he's taken some solace in knowing that his dad would have laughed at this situation.

"My dad would definitely, would have said this, 'lets just go to a park or something. Put a cigarette in my hand," says Regan.

The Heafey, Hoffman, Dworak, Cutler funeral home also has the capability to live stream funerals, something that is coming in handy during the situation that we're in now.