Gov. Cuomo unveils NY state-produced hand sanitizer amid shortages, price gouging

Posted at 3:12 PM, Mar 09, 2020

During a press conference Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed New York's own state-produced hand sanitizer after coronavirus concerns have caused sanitizer shortages and, as a result, price gouging by various retailers.

Cuomo announced "NYS Clean" as a response to local governments saying that acquiring hand sanitizer has been a problem.

The governor said the new sanitizer is 75% alcohol, making it essentially more effective than similar brand-name products on store shelves.

Cuomo touted "NYS Clean" as cheaper than mainstream sanitizers, with a gallon jug costing just $6.10 and a 7 ounce bottle costing $1.12, and an smaller "travel size" bottle coming out to only 84 cents.

The new sanitizer is likely so cheap to produce due to it being manufactured by Corcraft, which is the "brand name" for the Division of Correctional Industries, an entity within the Department of Corrections. Corcraft's products are made by inmates in correctional facilities throughout the state.

The sanitizer will be provided to government agencies, local municipalities, schools, the MTA, prisons and other state organizations.

Cuomo said the state will produce around 100,000 gallons of the sanitizer per week.

The reveal comes as the state's confirmed cases of COVID-19 reach 142 as of Monday, 19 of which are in New York City, according to Cuomo.

Watch Cuomo's full press conference below:

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