Healthy lifestyle increases chances of surviving COVID-19

Posted at 11:25 AM, Mar 20, 2020

OMAJHA. NEB. (KMTV) — Researchers are working on a cure for the coronavirus but at this time there is not one available. Healthy people have a better chance of surviving if they do contract the COVID-19 virus, and one doctor from CHI Health says there area a few easy ways to better your chances.

David Quimby, a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases, said those looking to better their chance of surviving the coronovirus should follow some basic rules to create a healthier lifestyle: eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep and exercising.

While fried, greasy comfort foods may seem like a good idea right now, staying healthy is a much better option. The stronger your immune system, the better your chances of survival.

According to some experts, citrus fruits, green vegetables, almonds, green tea and meats like poultry and shell fish are great for the immune system.

"Just like any sort of infection, your immune system has your body fighting it," Quimby said. "Usually your immune system wins, and you get healthy; occasionally when people have a bad outcome,their immune system does not work."

Quimby said healthy people could also experience less-severe symptoms. Some people who come into contact with the virus could remain perfectly healthy.

Although the death toll is high, the important thing to remember is that people can survive this disease.