Move It Monday: Edge Body Boot Camp

Posted at 10:05 AM, Mar 30, 2020

OMAHA, Ne. (KMTV) — It may be a while before many of us get back to our gyms, but Missy Henry, owner of Edge Body Boot Camp, says that doesn't mean we can't workout some of our most important muscles.

She says you can do that by starting with 10 squats.

"About hip-width, shoulder-width apart and just slowly turn those toes out, and we're just going to drive those knees out, just trying to squat down below parallel," Henry explained.

Next do 10 pushups.

"So the biggest thing is, we want those hands under our shoulders, and we're going to point those elbows back at a 45-degree angle," Henry said.

If that's too tough, you can modify it by putting your knees on the ground, or elevating your body.

"You could do a chair, you could do a table. Some people could do a wall depending on where you're at," Henry said. "Really just any kind of sturdy surface that you can use."

From there you put you feet up and reach for your toes, doing 10 toe touch crunches.

"And just really exhale and breathe as you're reaching up," Henry said.

To really get the blood pumping she says you should then do 30 mountain climbers.

"This is going to get your heart rate up, but also stabilize yourself as well."

And lastly is the bent over row.

"You just want to keep your back nice and flat, and we're just going to row," Henry said. "And I'm going pull this to our chest, and the goal is that we're squeezing those shoulder blades back."

And if you don't have weights you can lift a backpack.

"And the backpack is actually kind of a good idea because you can throw objects in there to weigh it down," Henry said.

When you're done with all of that, Henry says you can repeat it all over as many times as you need to get a good workout, but if this is all new to you, you should probably just do 10 to 15 minutes.

"Start small and then add days, then add time to the amount you're exercising each day."

Henry says this is just one example of the workouts she posts on her home and on the go workout series on her blog. Originally designed for her members, it is open for anyone to try out for free.

And if all that sounds like a lot, start smaller, and remember what matters most.

"Any movement is good for mental health, and right now, that's going to be as big and an important thing for us to stay connected is distressing, taking care of our mental and physical health," Henry said. "So if all you can do right now is move a little bit during commercials, start there, and then build up from there."