Omaha Home For Boys in financial need

Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 23, 2020

Several charitable organizations are being hit by the financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the Omaha Home For Boys is not immune.

Their program is especially vulnerable right now, says the program director. They are dealing with some especially harsh realities right now dealing with the pandemic.

She says the families they serve are already struggling financially and this current crisis is even more detrimental to their survival. They are asking the community for their help in easing the burden for their students and families

“We are paying rent for young people that got displaced from their dorms,” said Brandy Gustoff, Chief Program Officer of the Omaha Home For Boys. “We have about seven young people that have lost their jobs, we also have young people that have to do their class work remotely and don't have internet access so we are paying for that.”

If you want you can even designate where you want your money to go. The Omaha Home for Boys has a list of critical need items on their website. You can make a credit card payment on the website as well.

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