Open Door Mission announces shelter in place policy

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 26, 2020

The Open Door Mission is making changes to keep its guests and staff safe, announcing a shelter in place policy

The shelter is asking that their guests stay on campus unless they have a doctor appointment or employment that the must go to.

The mission offers over 900 shelter beds to people experiencing homelessness. Leaders there say they are doing everything they can to keep coronavirus out of the shelter.

<1:00 we just want to keep everyone as safe as possible, we've done all of the things that CDC and WHO are recommending. we are disinfecting all of our public surfaces every three hours, the light switches the door handles anything you can imagine we are wiping down.>

The Open Door Mission is taking other steps as well. They are limiting the number of people who can come into the dining room at one time, doing meal in multiple shifts.

They are also in urgent need of donations at this time, including food, hand sanitizer, bottled water and toilet paper.

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