Popular kids attraction adjusting to pandemic

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jul 17, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - During the pandemic, some businesses were forced to close their doors, and for some, they were unable to open them back up. One place that had to close their doors was Omaha’s Bounce U location, a popular spot for parents to take their kids. But now they're back open.

“I never would have thought, being 20 years old, not having a job and have to file for unemployment is kind of weird. I never thought that would happen to me,” said Raymond Jackson, General Manager of Bounce U.

Now the business is back open but not without a few changes.

“Just like every other business, we have to take extra safety measures and make sure that’s my top priority,” said Jackson.

Changes include staff wearing masks and limited group size, and only one party can use one of the two sides at a time. Cleaning is also a big part of helping contain the virus.

“We’re always around cleaning things, making sure what needs to be cleaned is cleaned like these inflatables back here. Just cleaning everything basically,” said Ben Mayer, Party Pro at Bounce U.

Mayer also says employees are also keeping an eye on potentially sick customers.

“People that are showing symptoms like a cold and such we kindly ask to leave,” said Mayer.

They say parties have been very cooperative during reopening, as they hope to get back to how business was before the pandemic.

“We’re still hanging on, we’re all being really strong and tough right now going through this as a team,” said Jackson.

Bounce U does have a waiver to sign to get access to the bounce location that says you have to acknowledge to known risks, including exposure to COVID-19.

Bounce U is located at 11144 Q St in Omaha. Their hours vary throughout the week, contact them at 402-884-9093.

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