Scams on the rise during COVID-19 crisis

Posted at 8:25 AM, Mar 24, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — This outbreak will cost the U.S. a lot - especially for our local businesses, but it could also cost you a lot personally, especially if your bank account information gets into the wrong hands.

Jim Hegarty with the Better Business Bureau in Omaha says during a crisis, scams increase. He adds there have been reports of individuals claiming to be with government, telling saying there's a COVID-19 treatment, but it's going to cost money.

On top of that, these scammers will call and claim to be depositing $1,000 that's connected to the aid package Congress is passing; again, they are just trying to get your account information.

Hegarty says these scams are designed to look legitimate, and he said people should stick with well-known retailers online and not respond to companies they've never heard of of.

"All of us right now are extremely worried about our finances, our business finances, personal fiances, how this is going to impact us long term," Hegerty said. "So imagine falling into this trip and having your bank account drained in a time when resources have never been more important."

He says not to respond to personal info about yourself, family and finances. If there is aid coming your way, it will come by mail - not a phone call.

Hegarty added there are also sensational links on social media that are tempting to click on - however they could contain malware, hacking your computer.

Call better business bureau to report any suspicious activity.