UNMC connects to the public through social media videos

The "Zoomcasts" focus on a plethora of topics
Posted at 8:09 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 22:37:41-05

OMAHA, Neb. — The University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine are continuing their efforts to reach out and educate the public on COVID-19 - this time through YouTube videos. The virtual sessions, or "Zoomcasts," cover a range of topics including outbreaks at long-term care facilities, vaccines and mental health.

Spearheading the "Zoomcast" sessions is nurse manager of the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, Kate Boulter.

"Right now we are focusing on COVID. Our target audience is healthcare workers but it's also the public," Boulter said.

The "Zoomcasts" are an informal, virtual way for the experts to connect with the rest of the community.

"We made it on the map back in 2014 when we were taking care of the Ebola patients. A lot of these same people are the same people that are working on this education and are working on helping the community and help other healthcare providers," Boulter said.

It's part of a larger trend across the nation of healthcare professionals reaching out, trying to connect with the general public on the seriousness of the virus.

"I and many of our healthcare workers here are very concerned about what's going to happen to our health system over the next several weeks," UNMC infectious disease expert Dr. James Lawler said in one of the online sessions.

Boulter says she's in awe of the effort the experts are putting in to try to connect, no matter how busy they are.

If there's a topic you would like the experts to discuss, e-mail your requests over to

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