Elkhorn Public Schools to change its elementary school floor plan

Posted at 11:07 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 00:07:57-04
Arbor View Elementary at 208th and Fort in Elkhorn will open its doors to students for the first time this week. Its floor plan looks similar to past schools, but the elementary school slated to open in 2018 will be quite a bit different. 
Elkhorn Public Schools and architectural firm, DLR Group, have used the same model for elementary schools in Elkhorn since 2000. That's six schools. 
Of course there have been changes and upgrades to that model along the way. 
Superintendent Steve Baker said, "Probably one of the biggest tweaks was the front entrance and security-just times have changed. You want to develop an entrance that forces people into the office, you can't just go into the building."
But the new elementary school that will open near 216th and F in 2018 will showcase a whole new design. 
Architect Cody Hillen with DLR Group says it was time for something new. 
Instead of having three classrooms per grade, the new elementary school will have four classrooms per grade. The extra rooms will be unfinished until needed. 
"If we're doing our job correctly, we plan for some type of addition because it's just bound to happen," Hillen said. 
Hillen says the new floor plan also moves the cafeteria and media room away from the interior of the building allowing for more natural light and making them focal points of the school. 
They aren't sure how long this new model will be used but say it's safe to assume it will be the floor plan of Elkhorn elementary schools for years to come.