In the classroom: Blackburn spring fling

Posted at 9:46 AM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 08:19:16-04

It was a full house for lunch at Omaha Public School’s Blackburn Alternative School. 

“We had ham, chicken, baked beans, corn and green beans,” said senior Destiny Scott-Tolbert. 

And the list goes on, every item made from scratch. On this day, for the special Spring Fling Lunch seniors from the Adams Center came to the high school, but usually it is the other way around. 

"They do lunch for us all the time school is going on,” said Adams Center senior Gony Bryson.

Each Wednesday, Blackburn student Destiny Scott-Tolbert and her classmates in the culinary arts program create a menu, prepare lunch and personally deliver it to the Adams Center. 

“Pretty much anything you can think of we've made already,” said Scott-Tolbert.

But it is not just about sharing food, it is about sharing time together. 

“They ask us questions and we give them answers,” said Bryson. 

Blackburn Program Director Jodi Pesek says interactions like these are beneficial for her students.  Pesek says from the seniors the students learn about everything from Omaha history, to life experiences and even potential career paths.

The seniors say they don’t mind sharing their secrets to life as long as the students keep dishing up good food and great conversation.