Time to focus, area school already back in class

Wilson Focus Elementary School returned Thurs.
Posted at 11:25 AM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 13:56:34-04

While summer break is underway, there will be no sleeping in allowed for students at Wilson Focus Elementary School.

The year-round school returned to class Thursday, but teachers spent several days preparing beforehand.

"It's always exciting because the students are always new," said teacher Therese McGee when talking about the third through sixth grade school. 

With 28 years under her belt at Omaha Public Schools, decorating her room is still fun for her as she inflates seat cushions, places snacks on each desk and tries out her disco ball while country music softly plays in the background.

The fall semester doesn't only welcome new students, but also staff like Theresa Franks, a language arts teacher for sixth grade.

I want my class to feel comfortable and welcoming, Franks said.

"But also, workable so we can get a lot done," she said. 

It's a study on finding the right balance between fun and educational taught by newcomers and veterans.

But for Franks and McGee, their first lesson on day one is subtracting those first-day jitters while adding excitement beyond the first "Hello" but with every "Good morning."

The focus school's first day of class also served as a dry run for busing operations