UNO Aviation graduate comes from long line of pilots including his aviation professor mom

Posted at 6:43 PM, Aug 12, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — For as long as he can remember, Scott Lutte had a fascination with planes.

"It's that first sensation as you speed up and take off off the runway, that's my favorite thing ever. Even to this day. every time we take off, I smile and I'm having just a good time," Scott said.

It makes sense considering he comes from a long line of pilots, many of whom were also Mavericks.

"Both of his parents are pilots, his grandfather and his great-grandfather, was a pilot as well. So we have a long history of aviation in the family," his mother Becky said.

Three generations of Scott's family went to UNO and his mother Becky is an Associate Aviation Professor at the school. She always sensed one of her kids would follow in their footsteps. This proud pilot and mom is thrilled her son is graduating with a UNO Aviation degree, especially since airlines hope to hire 13,000 pilots this year.

"This is the best time I've ever seen in terms of opportunity for jobs throughout the entire industry," Becky said.

The airline industry has been struggling with staffing shortages, making summer travel difficult. Even with so many openings, she acknowledges there's more work to do when it comes to recruitment, retention and advancement.

"We have only tapped about half the available workforce market because it is predominantly male and we don't have a great representation of women and minorities in aviation," Becky said.

Becky hopes new grads bring fresh perspectives and understand how they can help the industry diversify staff.

"You play a role in bringing people together, enhancing business and helping society," Becky said.

That's what's on Scott's radar — keeping things "United."

"My dad is a United pilot and I think it'd be really cool to be his co-pilot one day and get to United, that's pretty much my life goal," Scott said.

Now that he's graduated, Scott plans on being a flight instructor at the airport in Council Bluffs. Once he gets all his hours he'll be able to fly for regional airlines.

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