Westside DECA students learn marketing skills from former Husker turned Dunkin' Donuts franchisee

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 17:58:24-05

It's easy to push a product you know all about.

But what happens when some Westside DECA students.

Step out of their student run school store and into the real world.

Former Husker football player turned Dunkin' Donuts franchisee Kris Brown decided to take a chance on some high schoolers

“What's been surprising is their creativity and how they think outside of the box,” Brown said.

Brown gave Westside DECA students taking marketing 2 the opportunity to drive traffic and directly impact sales at his 90th and west center Dunkin location

“They've taken it and run with it. They've come up with some really unique ideas and we have been really excited about what these students have come up with,” he added.

Brown turned his marketing budget over to the students, to do with it as they please.

“A lot of times we just think oh these are just ideas we are just brainstorming and then it actually happens and you're like wow we made a difference,” Brown said.

Senior Gayle Goldstein told KMTV that it was intimidating at first to be in charge of marketing a coffee chain. But seeing their ideas turn into revenue was rewarding.

“We were able to advertise so much of the Dunkin' product in our school so whenever we see someone with our Dunkin cup we're like that's awesome,” Goldstein said.

Hannah Bowse says they've had many successful marketing campaigns including offering free donuts at their school’s blood drive.

Giving out coupons during finals and offering a discount for student IDs.

“They've come up with some really unique suggestions we never thought of,” Bowse said.

Brown is thankful for the creative minds of these millennials, sales have increased by at least 8 percent.

The students are also ripping the rewards.

Kris Brown said the 90th and West Center location is doing better than all his other Dunkin' Donuts from a sales growth standpoint which speaks highly of the student's marketing skills.