Westside High's student-run store teaches teens business skills

Posted at 2:17 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 14:42:07-04

There are so many levels to running a business.

From marketing your product, to balancing the books and connecting with customers.

Westside High students are learning all those skills.

Jake Meyerson, Dana Cox and Anna Dudziak are the Colosseum store managers and members of DECA.

DECA runs the store while their marketing students help during free periods.

“When they're not in class, coming in organizing, cleaning, doing window displays, to making phone calls, contacting vendors, ordering more apparel,” Katie Harmon, an advisor with DECA.

This year, the store earned gold level certification, they've gotten it before. Only 360 school-based programs like this received the DECA recognition nationwide.

“So my role in the certification was the pricing, determining our price line strategy, our prices for each thing so like sweat pants and things like that,” said Westside student Dana Cox.

They hold sales and stay open late during events to reach parents and alumni in addition to teachers and students.

“We got a t-shirt press this year, we invested in that, so we're able to come up with a lot of different decals and designs,” said Anna Dudziak, a Westside student.

That press has been profitable.

The benefits go beyond business.

“It's helped me a lot with interacting with customers, usually I’m kind a quiet person but it's brought me out of my shell a little bit,” said Dudziak.

Wondering about the name Colosseum?

DECA tells 3 News Now they wanted something to represent their warrior pride.

These students have reason to be proud.