Honor Flag returns to Omaha for fallen K9

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-31 13:37:36-05

The same organization that honored fallen Police Officer Kerrie Orozco with a special American flag has returned to do the same for an Omaha police dog.

The Honor Network, which travels the country to pay tribute to men and women killed in the line of duty with a flag that once flew over Ground Zero, is making Kobus the first K9 to be honored.

The flag arrived in Omaha on Tuesday night. 

They held a ceremony at the OPD memorial at police headquarters. Reporter Nick Starling captured the attached short video and other photos which he posted on Twitter. He will share more on KMTV Action 3 News at 10 p.m.

The ceremony didn't contain music, candles or a line of speakers, just OPD officers, the K9 unit and the Honor Guard.

Army veteran Chris Heisler carries the honor flag around the country. The flag that once flew over Ground Zero, in Afganistan and even at our nations's Capitol. Heisler said he's been to more than 7-thousand funerals for fallen soldiers, firefighters, police officers and now for the first time, a fallen K9 officer.

"Losing something like that is an important and heartfelt thing to do but for a community that's lost part of a figure that's part of a badge, part of the honor of police officers, whether they are human or dogs are doing selflessly, do it without any hesitation," said Heisler.

Heisler said people need to respect these K9 officers because they are a major tool for law enforcement, "These are incredible gifts that we have and we have to protect them and when they are taken away from us in a criminal act they need to be dealt with".

Community members who watched the brief ceremony are heartbroken by this loss.

"We love our dogs, just like our kids and we had to be here tonight," said Randy Frady, "Thoughts and prayers are with them--it's a big loss, big in peace Kobus."

On Thursday, the public is invited to a memorial service for Kobus, who was shot and killed during a standoff that lasted more than 24 hours last weekend.

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The U.S. Honor Flag was previously brought to Omaha in May for Officer Kerrie Orozco’s funeral.