12-year-old boy dies at Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas

Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-07 19:14:59-04

A 12-year-old boy has died after an accident on the Verrückt at Schlitterbahn waterpark, according to Winter Prosapio, corporate director of communications.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon at the waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas.

Guests of the park were told to leave, some being told there had been an accident.

More than one waterpark guest told 41 Action News that the harness on the ride was not working earlier in the day. 

The Kansas City Kansas Police Department said they are investigating the death.

They waterpark has been closed. Guests were refunded via gift card or cash.

Verrückt’s history

Verrückt is the world’s tallest water slide and has faced a lot of controversy.

There were concerns about the safety of Verrückt before it was even finished. In fact, the park delayed the opening the slide at least four times.

At 17 stories high and over 168 feet tall, the ride had issues from testing. Schlitterbahn admitted problems with the conveyor system, gearbox and shafts. The angle of the slide was altered and the company denies it was because rafts were flying off the slide.

Riders have to be at least 54 inches tall and the weight of the four-person raft needs to be between 400 and 550 pounds.

Jeff Henry, the co-owner of Schlitterbahn was quoted in the past talking about Verrückt saying, “It’s dangerous, but it’s safe dangerous now.”