Living in a school bus? This man makes it happen

Posted at 4:24 PM, Aug 15, 2017

Everyone has a different idea of a dream home. And whether it's really big or really small, there's someone out there who can bring it to life.

When you're building a home every cut, every detail has to be just right. Especially when the home is a school bus.

Charles Kern turns what used to be a way to travel into a way to live, which means total transformation.

With no building experience only inspiration from a book, Kern set out to learn how to make old school buses into homes. Now he's on a roll, building buses for not only for customers, but for himself.

"The reason I build buses for people is because I like living in them," Kern says.

His home is one of the first bus homes he built. In roughly 200 square feet he's got pretty much everything you have in your home, and some things you might not.

"I open my front door with the big crank," Kern says.

Kern uses solar panels for electricity, propane to fuel his stove and a water tank to wash dishes and shower. It's a lifestyle he admits isn't for everybody.

"At its best it's really romantic and it's really nice," Kern says. "And at its worst case in middle of winter and you run out of propane when you're trying to cook yourself dinner I have to crawl under the bus and take the tank out and get it filled."

But for those who see themselves taking the ride, Kern is here to make it happen.

"People pay me to make their dreams a reality," Kern says. "I just feel really spoiled."