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$9.6 million of Omaha city budget devoted to fifth police precinct

Posted at 4:26 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 17:50:55-04

The city of Elkhorn was annexed into Omaha in 2007. 

After the annexation, the city of Omaha's Northwest and Southwest police precincts have been responding to emergency calls in Elkhorn. 

City officials have considered the idea of creating a precinct in Elkhorn for years to cut back on response times and help fight crime in west Omaha. 

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Today - those plans were solidified during Mayor Jean Stothert's announcement of the 2019 city of Omaha budget. 

The city is allocating $9.6 million dollars under its Capital Improvement Plan for a fifth precinct.

The new site will be west of I-680 and is expected to be in operation by late 2019. 

The precinct will sit on a four acres of land at 20924 Cumberland Drive.

The current precincts covering the Elkhorn area include the Northwest and Southwest districts - meaning officers cover large portions of land from midtown westward.

"Our city continues to expand west so its a good thing that we will now have a precinct in the west area," said Anthony Conner, President of the Omaha Police Officer Association. "I'm sure we are going to continue to expand west as the city annexes further and further west."