1-on-1 with Sen. Chuck Grassley

Posted at 5:32 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 19:09:46-04

During the August recess, U.S. Senators are back in their home states holding town halls and hearing from the people they represent before they go back to work on Capitol Hill in September.

3 News Now talked with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley in Treynor, Iowa as he was touring TS Bank on Friday.

Since President Donald Trump took office over 7 months ago, there’s little legislation coming out of D.C. Grassley said it’s time to get to work, “we got our responsibilities are we aren’t fulfilling them.”

Grassley said while they are working on reforming Obamacare, the next items on the agenda are reforming the tax code and an infrastructure bill that Grassley hopes to garner bi-partisian support, “The president wants a bill real bad, many Democrats because of spending money, their very gun-ho on it. It may get more opposition from republicans than it would from the democrats but I think we will have a bi-partisan bill.”

On threats from North Korea, Grassley is hopeful recent events have deterred any missiles from entering into U.S. territories.

“Evident in the last two weeks the North Korean leader has been less provoking to the rest of the world particularly to the united states, particularly the un voting 15-0 to put sanctions on,” explained Grassley.

After the tragic events in Charlottesville a couple weeks ago, along with President Trump’s remarks, some see how divisive this country has become. But Grassley takes a historic approach to what the country is going through,  “This country has been through a lot worse than we’re going through now, and the future of America is really really great,” said Grassley.

This is part of Sen. Grassley’s 99 county tour he takes every year.