10 businesses cited for underage alcohol sales

158 businesses checked in all
10 businesses cited for underage alcohol sales
Posted at 11:32 AM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 12:32:51-04
Police in Douglas and Sarpy Counties say they caught ten businesses selling alcohol to underage customers during a compliance check.
Police checked a total of 158 businesses on July 29th and August 13 and cited the ten which sold alcohol to minors. The businesses cited include:
Andres Smoke Shop - 4016 N 24th St., Omaha
Beres Hall - 5716 S 36th St., Omaha 
EZ Mart - 6818 S 13th St., Omaha
Field Club of Omaha - 3615 Woolworth Ave., Omaha
Film Streams - 1340 Mike Fahey St., Omaha
Flavors Indian Cuisine - 1901 Farnam St., Omaha
Godfather's Pizza 28034 - 2117 S 67th St., Omaha
Kum & Go 352 - 1010 S 154th St., Omaha
Mega Saver - 4429 California St., Omaha
Nuestra Familia Supermercado - 1826 Vinton St., Omaha
Godfather's Pizza 28034 had a previous citation for selling alcohol to a minor on March 10, 2016; however, the case has not yet been heard before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. All other businesses cited would be considered as first violations.