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10-year-old boy and dog share special bond, birthday

Posted at 7:19 AM, Feb 06, 2018

A young boy's special bond with his 1-year-old dog is something that will melt your heart.

When Camden Gatling was 9, his mother Heidi said he was working on his confidence. He really wanted a dog, but she and her husband were unsure about the responsibility, and wanted to wait.

Camden really wanted a German Wirehaired Pointer Griffon, a hunting dog that Camden say could train when he and his dad went hunting. They decided Camden would get his dream dog, but when he turned 10. Then he'd be ready for the responsibility. 

However, a year before that, Heidi says they got a call from the breeder they'd been talking to. She said a litter of puppies had been born on Jan. 25. The same day as Camden's birthday. 

"They were an accidental litter," she said. "I was like, 'how do you not move forward with that.'"

A year later, the pair is inseparable. They just had a joint birthday party, and Camden of course, got his buddy some toys. 

"He's playful, and hairy, and a good listener," Camden said. 

Most of all, now mom says, her 10-year-old's confidence has gone through the roof.