10-year-old struck in hit-and-run at 32nd and Center

Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 07:17:30-04

A truck hit a child at an intersection in midtown Omaha and did not stop.

10-year-old Liam Clements was hit by a truck last Wednesday while using a crosswalk at 32nd and Center.

The family says drivers making red light, right-hand turns without looking in both directions is a problem at that intersection. 

David Clements says his son and siblings were walking home from camp when they went to cross at 32nd and Center. The signal turned for safe crossing, that's when Clements says a truck went around the corner, making a right hand turn without looking. 

The truck grazed his son and narrowly missed his daughter. The driver didn't stop. 

"The guy just didn't pay attention. Then hit him and gave him the thumbs up and drove off. So I guess apparently that's ok now, you hit somebody and give them a thumbs up and your good," said David Clements. 

Clements says the intersection previously had a traffic light prohibiting red light, right hand turns from Center onto 32nd going Southbound. It was removed by the city.

The city has a sign warning drivers not to turn right from 32nd onto Center during school hours.

Clements says he'd like to see more signage.