105th Nebraska legislative session starts

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 00:56:53-05

With major issues on the table, the 105th Nebraska legislatives session began on Wednesday. 

Lawmakers will have to deal with a roughly $900 million dollar budget shortfall, spending money on the prison system to expand some buildings and add staffing and funding to public education.

17 new state senators were sworn in and 14 committee heads were elected; in the officially non-partisian legislature 13 of the 14 committee are now lead by Republicans.

The new speaker of the legislature is now Sen. Jim Sheer from Norfolk. 

Committee Chairs:

Agriculture: Sen. Lydia Brasch

Appropriations: Sen. John Stinner

Banking, Commerce and Insurance: Sen. Joni Albrecht

Education: Sen. Mike Groene

General Affairs: Sen. Tyson Larson

Government, Military and Veterans Affairs: Sen. John Murante

Health and Human Services: Sen. Merv Riepe

Judiciary: Sen. Laura Ebke

Natural Resources: Sen. Dan Hughes

Nebraska Retirement Systems: Sen. Mark Kolterman

Revenue: Sen. Jim Smith

Transportation and Telecommunications: Sen. Curt Friesen

Urban Affairs: Sen. Justin Wayne


The session lasts 90 days.