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10th street signal to ease congestion

Posted at 6:02 PM, Feb 12, 2018

An effort to ease traffic congestion near the Century Link Center is in the works.  

North downtown is beautiful but it gets kind of congested.

The Omaha City Council is expected to vote on a 260 thousand dollar project that would remove part of the median near the parking garage on 10 th street and install a new traffic signal.

"It's going to be constructed this summer, the idea behind it is to address delays and flexibility for getting people out of the garage," said City Engineer Todd Pfitzer.

Right now people who park in the garage can only turn right but Pfitzer says the new signal will change that.

"This will allow you to be able to go south, if you want to go east into Iowa down and access I-480 via Douglass or get into the south part of the city easier," said Pfitzer.

Century Link vendor Eric Velander  says during events driving in the area can be a headache. 

"I see chaos down there, it gets pretty messy especially with big events like College World Series," said Eric Velander.

Pfitzer says MECA hopes the signal will improve traffic flow.

"Getting that garage cleared out, and complaints from people in the garage that they wish they can go left and not have to go down to Cass street," said Pfitzer.

Although this may help one area, Pfitzer says it will probably cause delays for others.

"Anytime you give green time to someone you take it from someone else, in this case there could be additional time to get people out of the garage, but it will stop traffic on 10th street," said Pfitzer.