13th street revitalization hopes to bring change

Posted at 10:53 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 09:56:57-05

It was the end of era when the Bohemian Café closed in South Omaha in late September.

Since then, many businesses are looking forward to the future when the revitalization of the 13th street corridor is complete.

For Donut Stop owner Marlene Rodgers she’s seen the changes the busy corridors gone through in its 28-year history at the location on 13th street.

“The neighborhood is entirely different, this entire block has changed considerably,” said Rodgers.

She said the changes are mostly for the better-lower crime-but after the long-time staple Bohemian Café closed its doors a couple months ago-that also affected her business a bit.

“We used to get their dinner over there and come over here and pick up donuts for dessert and that kind of thing if there was a line, they would come in here and wait,” said Rodgers.

It’s not hard to see the lack of businesses on 13th street with empty store fronts and very few people walking around.

Scott Campbell lives along 13th street and hopes for a little more development in this neighborhood.

“A lot more like the old market, bringing more old market back up here would be good,” said Campbell.

Soon with the help of developers and tax money some of these empty buildings will be new apartments, retail and restaurants.

Which is good news for the owner of this antique store Terry Bennett struggling to catch the eye of drivers.

“Couldn't get people here, they had to have a purpose to get here-it's not like downtown in the Old Market where they are there-open the doors and have people walk in,” said Bennett.

But for some, these changes seem far away.

“I don't see a lot materializing right now but I’m very optimistic from what I hear, I think it's going to continue in the right direction,” said Rodgers.