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168th street project irritates commuters

Posted at 8:59 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 23:20:10-05

It's day two of the 168th Street closure from West Dodge to West Maple Street. 

Commuters are using 156th or 192nd Streets to get around and once again they were packed during the evening rush hour. 

One of the places where the traffic congestion is at its worst is at 192nd and Blondo Streets where there's a 4-way stop and train tracks.
Many who live in that area tell 3 News Now it's a headache. 

"It's one of those things where you just sit here and sometimes you watch and you see all the chances people take, because it's so busy," said Tiara Maynor-Obertance. 

Maynor-Obertance said traffic has increased roughly three times as much which in turn makes her keep a watchful eye on her 18-month-old son Colton. 

"We kind of, feel like we cant let him go too far because people just gunning up and down the street."

Others in the neighborhood like Darin Einspahr feel the traffic pain, "It stinks it's really not convenient for a lot of us out here."

Einspahr's drive to I-80 to head to Lincoln was anything but quick, "It took me 28 minutes just to get out of  here."

The detour also slowed Kim Miller's drive to and from work, "In good traffic days I can get there in probably 10 minutes, 15 at the most and it took me about 25 this morning and so it's definitely adding on to my commute time."

Time many hope will eventually pay off in the end. 

"We all have to deal with the bumps, we just all find ways to get around it," said Einspahr. 

"Gotta remember it's probably going to be worth it in the end when we have nice roads without potholes and smooth traffic but it's going to be a long time," said Miller. 

The stop signs on 192nd and Blondo will be replaced by traffic lights to help with congestion. 

The project is slated to last 9 months.