24th and Farnam development excites neighbors

Posted at 10:52 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 23:52:31-04

It's an area of town some describe as run-down even sketchy.  Some business leaders admit 24th and Farman in Omaha is not the most appealing place for people to go, but that might change soon.

There’s weeds, cracked sidewalks, and run-down buildings lining the busy street.

“We want to clean up our own neighborhood,” said Anant Enterprises co-owner Dr. Deepak Gangahar

The southwest corner of 24th and Farnam lot will turn into a 5-story Holiday Inn Express—with 100 rooms and store fronts on the first floor.

Anant Enterprises will also restore the old Hupmobile building vacant for over a decade.

Not only do they want to develop the land—but improve it.

“Broken windows and homeless people who are, drug addicts entering the building,” said Gangahar.

Right behind the development are a trio of businesses owned by Eryn Swan she’s excited for the new neighbors.

“It means that people are trying to breathe new life to this space that's really sort of neglected for a long time and overlooked,” said Swan.

She too invested in this area almost 4-years ago admitting it wasn’t the most  attractive place to set up shop.

“Things were boarded up and there really wasn't much foot traffic-some of the foot traffic you did see wasn't so desirable,” said Swan.

Desirable is something Pell Duvall thinks the area is desperate for, “Well this area could certainly use improvements,” he said.

Especially since Duvall sometimes walks or bikes on this very street to get to work.

“People feel is a little but sketchy, so it's good to see development brought in,” said Duvall.

This development could do more than just place a building in a run-down lot but revive an area of the city looked down upon.

“Kind of increase public awareness for the area, they are not just going to say you're the only shop there in the middle of nowhere, there's a lot going on in this area it's exciting,” said Swan.

Developers say they hope to start construction on this later this year and have it open and ready for business by next year, in total, the project will be 20 million dollars.

The other development Even Hotels down the street will open September 28th.