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3 News Now drone captures before-and-after video of snowstorm

Posted: 5:43 PM, Feb 20, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-20 19:55:20-05
3 News Now drone captures before-and-after video of snowstorm

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It's a new perspective from our 3 News Now drone. We want to show you how it works.

When weather impacts Omaha, we want to give you a view from above--before and the storm.

"Yeah it's a different point of view and something you don't get to see everyday."

3 News Now's creative producer Justin Enos is assembling the drone that captured before-and-after video of our most recent snow storm. The video above is just a sample of what we'll show you the next time weather strikes, all from this flying camera.

"Definitely after storm coverage, like if a tornado passes through, that's something we'd use this for," Justin said. "We can go live from the drone, so we can use that with our Now Tracker and take it out to big news stories"

Justin has been flying drones for two years. He just renewed his drone pilot's license last October. What used to be a hobby has become a part of his job.

"I used to race, but I got out of it because it's an expensive hobby," Justin said. "You're crashing $500 every other week, but we're not crashing this guy."

Justin is one of the few licensed drone pilots in Nebraska. Yes, there are laws when it comes to flying these things.

"Right now the FAA treats drones like air crafts," Justin said. "People always ask how high it can go. It can go as high as you let it, but legally our ceiling is at 400 feet and that will vary where we're at in the city."

It won't be long until this bird leaves its nest from our studios.

"It's a fancy expensive piece of equipment that we're looking to have a lot of fun with so that we can use to show people a new side of Omaha."