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3D Scanners taking off at Eppley Airfield

Posted at 10:49 AM, Sep 15, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — 3D Scanners let you fly through airport security

Airport security has never been easy and 9/11 made things even stricter. Taking off your shoes, clothing and having to put electronics and liquids into a bin takes time and is an inconvenience for some.

"I bring a lot of skincare stuff so I do have to take that out of my luggage and it is a hassle to take it out and put it back in," said passenger Katelyn Digiorgio.

Eppley Airport recently received 3D security scanners. They will improve security, remove the hassle of removing items from bags and reduce the amount of time spent in security lines.

"The electronics are a big thing, they always ask, are you sure we don't have to take that out?” said John Drickey, Supervisory Officer, TSA. “With COVID going on right now, we don't have to make them take the food out. The liquids, gels and aerosols, we don't have to make them take that out. Especially in these times, the less bag searches we have to do, the less we have to touch."

Normally you would have to take your computer out of your bag so items like knives can be seen. The new scanners can pick up knives even with a computer sitting right next to it.

"If they are carrying something they shouldn't be, with this machine, we will find it," continues Drickey.

The new 3D security scanners are already getting high marks.

"I think it is a great idea to get the lines moving faster," continues Digiorgio.

It’s only been a few weeks so the staff is still getting familiar with the new equipment.

"One X-ray operator can handle two machines and they can also do it remotely so there are some manpower savings as well long term," said Michael Fowler, Federal Security Director, TSA Nebraska.

Eppley has a 3D scanner on the north side as well as the south side of the airport. Their goal is to have the scanners at every lane at the airport.