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4 weeks later, repairs yet to start at Yale Park apartments

Posted: 4:19 PM, Oct 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-19 21:59:57Z

Landlord Kay Anderson refuse to be interviewed on camera on advice from his attorney. 
But he did tell 3 News Now that he’s lined up contractors to make repairs, but believes the city will add violations after he fixes up the complex. 

"Why would I trust them now?" says Anderson.  

Chief building inspector of the City of Omaha Mike Wilwerding, says otherwise, and that they'll allow him to open up the apartments once he fixes the 2,500 violations.

"That's absolutely not true, the only interest that the city has is that he meets all the current code requirements: the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, building and international property maintenance codes," says Wilerding. 

Anderson told 3 News Now, that's what the city has to tell the media. 

"They can't say we want them torn down. That would land them in court so fast they wouldn't know what to do,” says Anderson. 

City council president Ben Gray told 3 News Now he wants to see the Yale Park apartments torn down. Anderson cited that as reason to believe the city will give him a demolition notice, regardless of repairs. 

Wilwerding diasgrees. 

"We are code people. Our job isn't to determine, we want that property torn down, it's to meet the code requirements," says Wilwerding. 

Wilwerding says Anderson's first deadline to make initial repairs, is at the end of October.