Don Kleine speaks about Martinez-Marinero case

Posted at 9:33 AM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 10:33:39-05

After a court hearing which ended with the conviction and sentencing of a man who murdered his mother and young half brother, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine spoke about the case.

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Watch the full interview in the video player above. Below are five quotes: 

"Whenever you talk about these kinds of cases, they're very emotional when you're talking about child death cases, particularly. Both cases here, we have the death of another human being, but sometimes, it's even hard for everybody that's involved. It's just draining with regard to what you think about and those last moments of that little boy's life and the mother's life, also."

"There is really a question as to what would happen with regard to the death penalty anyway. From our standpoint, to have somebody plead guilty to first-degree murder, to get two consecutive life sentences, and not have any appeal issues, not have any fact issues, the family being done with that case and us never having to worry about him getting out of prison was very satisfactory from our standpoint."

"They [the family] wanted him to be in prison the rest of his life and think about what he had done. So they weren't advocating for us to pursue the death penalty to begin with."

"From a motive standpoint, it's hard to understand. Apparently, he and his mother were having some sort of disagreement and it just led to him doing what he did as far as beating her and stabbing her. And the thought process with regard to Josue, was that he had seen what had taken place and he wanted to ensure that the witness wasn't available."

"Some things you try and analyze, you try and figure out, you try and understand, but sometimes it's impossible to even comprehend or understand why somebody did what they did."