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$50 million grant awarded will assist in massive redevelopment in Southside-Indian Hills neighborhood

The Southside Terrace Garden Apartments will see a rehaul including mixed-use housing
Posted at 7:19 PM, Sep 14, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — $50 million has been awarded through the U.S. Housing and Urban Development's Choice Neighborhood grants.

There are multiple plans for this money that has taken years to decide. Some plans include mixed-use, mixed-income housing, community safety, economic mobility and more.

"South Omaha has always had a history and my family has been here since 1925, historically it's been an immigrant pathway to Omaha and moving around but I think seeing this new development here ... families, like any family, want to see a better future. They want to see new infrastructure, new business. I think we’re always trying to make our family life better and I think as that comes our families will welcome it, embrace it," said Marcos Mora, a board member of the Latino Economic Development Council.

A focal point for the project will be the Southside Terrace Garden Apartments. Mixed-use units of mixed-income will be added. It's a change many say is long overdue.

"Well, that will probably be a good idea around here. A redevelopment of it, tear all of it down, rebuild it into something better and yeah it’s a good idea," John Lewis, a resident says.

While Lewis believes the redevelopment will be a good thing, he hopes current residents aren't displaced.

"One of the most prominent blessings would be after the redevelopment, would be for all the people who used to live here if they wanted to come back to this area. That would be the top thing right there," Lewis said.

Those working on the project, including the City of Omaha, Omaha Housing Authority and Canopy South have been working together with the community to get their input and feedback.