55-80 years for man in robbery case

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 12:20:28-04

It was a strong armed robbery gone bad; now two people will spend decades behind bars.

Anthony Hollins, 27, is sentenced to 55-80 years in prison after pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder and use of a weapon in Douglas County District Court.  With goodtime he'll serve about 30 years.

Hollins was at Norwick Park at 50th and Fort St. in January 2015 when Ray Patterson, 46, was shot and killed.  Hollins told police they were supposed to rob Patterson.

Janessa Arias, 21, got 20-30 years in prison for pleading guilty to conspiracy.  Arias met the victim at Burger King before calling Hollins to meet them at the park where Hollins said he pretending to sell him weed.

Hollins' family says there was another person there who actually pulled the trigger.

“The judge says that he cares about society but in reality you don’t when the actual killer is still running through Omaha or Louisiana now that I heard, or somewhere else probably out killing again,” said Tawanna Washington, Hollins’ sister.

County Attorney Don Kleine says Hollins pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder, which shows his culpability.

“We obviously believe that he was responsible for this, there may have been another person involved and there’s still working being done in that regard but we know he’s responsible for this,” Kleine explained.

In court, Hollins accepted responsibility for what he says was his role.

“I know the word sorry can't ease the pain and bring him back but my heart is sorry and I would take it back if I could," Hollins told the Patterson family.

Hollins will get credit for 472 days served.  His mandatory release date is in 42 ½ years.